At first

At first ceases oyt the expressed; it it sounds sound flatly and nedo statochno it is soft.

At first try to cause a sound pronunciation t' the first in the way.



Let the child will place flattened out language between teeth and will bite its tip, the top cutters thus lay down on language flatwise that is the arrangement of teeth keeps a form correct bite.

In this situation, having exhaled air, after you the child has to it is long and very silently to say a sound t.

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It is perfect

It is perfect Cheryl Walter, chief research and strategic department of National association of receptions of a semeyglav the twelfth FLOOR AND DEVELOPMENT Your relations with the child as with the boy or the girl and that, as the child perceives the sex, an eye zyvat influence on all his future life.

It is perfect eyes it is visible.

But in recent years, when parents bombarded new information on tender distinctions and development, how they can use this in stayed behind scenes formation with the maximum advantage for children.

Allow children to be those, whom they are It is very important that to children allowed to be those whom they are.

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, Statement

, Statement If the child does not have fillet along language, by means of a toothpick create it.

For this purpose that the sound appeared more exact, it is necessary to remove language a little from the lower cutters.


After you the child has to repeat a sound combination hardware.

If he says a sound with at the top provision of language, a sound t he has to say in the usual way.

If the child about will wear out a sound with at the lower provision of language, a sound t it has to say, pressing a language tip to the lower cutters.

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I believe

I believe Idea of that every minute has to be it is filled chemto useful it is a childhood antithesis.

Adriyenna Katts, author of the book How to Teach the Child to Read We live in the world of very busy persons, and it is necessary for us to create the atmosphere of tranquillity instead of simply makings.

I believe in silence as well as in talk.

Children need tranquillity.

Christina Fekhi, teacher of a method Montessori This free time helps children to develop consciousness and ability to reflect, solving as for them emotsional development foot, and for study.

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If to point

If to point When performing new exercise the child can try to make unjustified synchronous movements by other organs of speech.

If to point to it to this mistake, it is capable to correct it.

Language of the child can be too intense.

It arises from his excessive diligence.

If to ask the child not to try so strongly and to move in a mouth with soft, lazy language, excessive on the pryazheniye of muscles will disappear.

If you did not find at the child of the general underdevelopment of the speech and violation so it has no mobility of speech bodies of moderate severity serious speech frustration are also not present need for an urgent spe tsialny help.

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